Hands up if you think hand hygiene training should be fun!

Hand hygiene training? Yawn.

Not with GlitterBug!

GlitterBug training is fun, interactive and informative. It’s great for all ages from primary schoolers to senior citizens.


GlitterBug Hand Hygiene Training

Everyone thinks they know how to wash their hands. So if your job is to show them they are actually doing it wrong, you’re facing an uphill battle.

GlitterBug products are invisible in normal light, but glow under UV light. They provide a fun and interactive way to demonstrate bad hand hygiene habits by visibly showing students the dirt and bacteria they are missing when they wash or sanitise their hands.


How it works

How to use GlitterBug Potion

GlitterBug Training

Squirt a small dose of GlitterBug Potion onto each student’s hands

GlitterBug Training

Tell them to rub it in “like it’s moisturiser”.

GlitterBug Training

Have them wash and dry their hands as normal

Us the UV torch to reveal unwashed areas.

Who uses GlitterBug for hand hygiene training?

Scientific and Medical Organisations

GlitterBug for kitchen staff training

Commercial Kitchens and Hospitality Schools

Glitterbug for schools

Primary and Secondary Schools

Community Health Organisations

Potion vs Gel vs Powder - What's the difference?

GlitterBug Potion
Use GlitterBug Potion
for HAND WASHING Training

GlitterBug Potion is for teaching students how to thoroughly wash their hands.

Ask them to rub it on like a moisturiser (for some reason, everyone seems to know what this means). After they have washed their hands, the UV torch will generally show glowing Potion left behind on wrists, in nail beds, in finger webbing and so on.

You can then teach them to more effectively wash these commonly missed areas.

GlitterBug Gel
Use GlitterBug Gel

GlitterBug Gel is for teaching students how to effectively apply hand sanitiser.

Get students to apply the Gel like a sanitiser. Then use the UV torch to reveal areas that were missed.

This training is ideal for healthcare students who use sanitiser constantly. It is important for them to see that every time they use sanitiser incorrectly, they risk spreading infection.

GlitterBug Powder
Use GlitterBug Powder

GlitterBug Powder is used to demonstrate how germs can be spread from one surface to another.

Sprinkle the nearly invisible Powder on a surface. After a period of time where students interact with that surface, use the UV torch to reveal all the places to which the Powder  has spread.

This is a great way to remind students about cross-contamination.

Individual Products

NOTE: You must have a UV Torch for the products to work.

Standard Kits

Kits include one or more boxes for the convenient storage and transport of the products. The standard kits are designed to be a quick and easy way for most people to buy the essential couple of items.

Specialist Kits

The specialist kits are designed for larger organisations and provide some significant savings. Note that the quantities included are for a “typical” size school or class and you may require additional potions or gels. 

Supplier Kits

Every year we have a couple of customers specifically request these kits. Our personal recommendation is to use the UV torch instead of the disclosure units, but we do try to keep a couple of these in stock at all times.