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GlitterBug will transform your hygiene training

GlitterBug training is fun, interactive and informative. It’s great for all ages from primary schoolers to senior citizens.

GlitterBug products are hidden in regular light but visible under UV light. They show students where they miss washing. This is where dirt and bacteria linger after handwashing, making it an engaging way to demonstrate poor hand hygiene practices.

Perfect for...

Potion vs Gel vs Powder - What's the difference?

Use GlitterBug Potion
for Hand Washing Training

GlitterBug Potion makes handwashing fun!

  • Squirt a small amount on their hands and have them rub it in
  • Ask them to wash their hands
  • Use the Glitterbug Light to reveal where they have missed. 

Use GlitterBug Gel
for Hand Sanitiser Training

GlitterBug Gel teaches students proper hand sanitizer application.

  • Use it like regular sanitizer
  • Use the Glitterbug Torch to find missed spots. If it isn’t glowing, it wasn’t sanitised

GlitterBug Gel feels like a hand sanitiser. Because of this, people tend to do a very poor job of covering all of their hands when rubbing it in. 

Use GlitterBug Powder
for Contamination Training

GlitterBug Powder enhances your lesson on germs and cross-contamination. Sprinkle it on a surface, let students touch it, and use a UV torch to show where it has spread.

Individual Products

NOTE: You must have a UV Torch for the products to work.

Standard Kits

Kits include one or more boxes for the convenient storage and transport of the products. The standard kits are designed to be a quick and easy way for most people to buy the essential couple of items.

Specialist Kits

The specialist kits are designed for larger organisations and provide some significant savings. Note that the quantities included are for a “typical” size school or class and you may require additional potions or gels. 

Supplier Kits

Every year we have a couple of customers specifically request these kits. Our personal recommendation is to use the UV torch instead of the disclosure units, but we do try to keep a couple of these in stock at all times.