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Everyone thinks they know how to wash their hands,

However, studies reveal that only 3-5% of individuals consistently do it correctly.

Let’s change that.

A seemingly clean hand. Or is it?

The Power of UV!

A spinning ultra violet torch

Ultraviolet (UV) light reveals what our eyes cannot see. When certain substances encounter UV light, they fluoresce, emitting visible light. 

Our products use UV-reactive elements that glow under UV light, serving as a visible reminder of the importance of handwashing. It’s hands-on hygiene, strengthening the fight against unseen dangers.

Perfect for...

The Range



Use the invisible potion, gel, or powder, and feel enthusiastic about learning hand hygiene, sanitization, and preventing contamination.

Glow 2 Show Hand Hygiene Training Yellow with bonus

Glow 2 Show

The fresh range features Glowing green and lustrous lemon, becoming invisible after rubbed in, but returning with a brilliant glow under UV.

For More fun hygiene.

The Rotten Food Cookbook, created by our CEO, Shane van de Vorstenbosch, is a humorous food safety guide. Originally for restaurant owners, it’s now for everyone, as most food poisoning happens at home.

It’ll make you laugh and rethink food safety with recipes like “Seizure Chicken Salad” and “Oysters Killed Patrick.”