Temperature monitoring doesn't have to be hard

LogTag Recorders are easy to set up and easy to read.

Simply connect the logger to your computer and in seconds you have a graph of temperature history.

Almost everything is configurable – from the time between readings to the minimum and maximum ranges.

The software is easy to install and use.

There are models that have visible and audible alerts if temperatures go out of range, and models that plug straight into your computer’s USB port without the need for a separate reader.

And if you have any trouble, our support team is just a phone call away – for the lifetime of the logger.

Who is using LogTags?


Due to their tremendous reliability and ease of use, LogTag temperature loggers have become an industry favourite for monitoring vaccine and blood refrigerators.


LogTag data can prove to receivers that shipments were stored correctly and help shippers identify possible problem areas.


In busy kitchens where you can't spare a staff member to be constantly checking temperatures, you know that your LogTag is keeping accurate records for you, and keeping your customers (and your business) safe from food poisoning.


Place a LogTag at key points around the space to get a complete picture of how the air conditioning system is functioning. (Really useful for showing difficult customers that temperatures are within normal ranges)


LogTags are used to monitor test environments to ensure consistent results. Visible and audible alerts immediately notify testers that temperature or humidity has gone out of range.

The Standard LogTag Range