Different types of temperature logger at OnSolution

These devices are the future of logging.

You never need to download the data – it automatically saves to the internet. You receive results reports automatically as an email.

LogTag is an incredibly popular brand of loggers all around the world.

The loggers are small but rugged, and the software is polished and easy to use.

Thermochrons have been around for decades and they are still very popular – mainly for their tiny size and almost indestructible construction.

Ideal for logging in difficult environments.

What is a temperature data logger?

A temperature data logger records temperatures over time.

Modern temperature loggers can record the temperature every few minutes and hold weeks’ worth of readings in their memory.

Special software reads the data from the logger and turns it into graphs and reports.

Loggers will give an alert if temperatures go outside user-defined boundaries.

Some loggers can measure other factors such as humidity or CO₂ as well as temperature.

Uses for temperature loggers

Medical refrigerators
Food safety
Science and research

What is automatic temperature logging?

And why you should be doing it.

If you’re still keeping manual temperature logs, you’re going to love this. Automatic loggers take all the hassle out of temperature recording.



It’s no good just keeping your goods at the required temperature – you have to be able to PROVE you kept the goods at the required temperature.


Staff are notoriously unreliable when it comes to logging temperatures. They either forget, or can't be bothered and just make up a reading. An electronic logger eliminates this problem.

Time Saving

Having staff log temperatures two or more times a day is a waste of time. A wireless temperature logger eliminates this wasted time completely.

Avoid disaster

Our wireless loggers will notify you as soon as a problem starts, giving you time to fix it before it becomes a disaster.

Easy to use

Anyone can quickly and easily use our range of loggers

Save money

By saving time and stock, our low cost loggers will soon be saving you money