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Mass Internet Shutdowns: Cloud-Based Temperature Logging Systems

Last week Optus was down for half a day. As Australia’s second-largest telecom, millions were left with no phone or internet access, impacting transportation, payment systems, and essential services like hospitals. There have also been several other significant partial internet outages this year, but most of them failed to make the front page like the […]

The Ultimate COVID-19 Checklist for Cafes and Restaurants!

Cafes and restaurants need to take extra care to ensure staff and customers are protected from COVID-19. We have compiled a dozen different checklists into the Ultimate COVID-19 Cafe Checklist to help ensure you are doing everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Ultimate COVID-19 Checklist for Schools and Centers!

The Ultimate Checklist for School and Ceners during COVID-19

What do schools need to do to protect their staff and students from COVID-19. This checklist is the merger of many checklists and guides. It is intended to be used as a test for existing procedures, suggestions for improvements, and a daily performance guide.

The Ultimate COVID-19 Checklist For GPs and Clinics!

The Ultimate Checklist for GPs and Clinics during COVID-19

We have grouped checklists together from many sources to make the Ultimate COVID-19 checklist for GPs. Of course things are changing daily, but this is a great place to either start your own checklist, or review what you have in place already.

In hindsight, how was 2019?

Good bye 2019. It was knowing you How will you remember 2019?   Personally 2019 was a bad year for me. There were deaths and mental illness issues in the family. My wife completed her masters this year at a college that I can only describe as totally incompetent, and made the family’s time hell. […]

10 Tips On Advertising a Medical Practice

Advertising a medical practice

How can a GP or medical centre be noticed online without costing a packet? Fortunately there are many “cost effective” solutions that will help you rapidly grow your practice at the pace you want.