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In hindsight, how was 2019?

Good bye 2019. It was knowing you How will you remember 2019?   Personally 2019 was a bad year for me. There were deaths and mental ill...

Our remote access policy (and why other companies are a huge security risk)

Remote desktops are an awesome support tool, but the way many companies use them will open their customers up to future scams. Here's how we...

10 Tips On Advertising a Medical Practice

How can a GP or medical centre be noticed online without costing a packet? Fortunately there are many "cost effective" solutions that will h...

American Express Training Its Customers To Be Scammed

Recently someone from American Express contacted me and then demanded answers to security questions. This is like the bank calling and askin...

Can I give you a call?

I am over all those emails asking "can I give you a call" and then state a time assuming the answer is yes. This spam then attempts to promo...

We are hiring

Are you after a job like this? Local Do you live in the Hills area and want to spend less than 15 minutes driving to work each day? Are you...

Three ways to stay safe as horror flu season strikes

In an article on The Sector, Associate Professor Deb Friedman from Deakin University offers the three main ways to protect against devastati...

“To all the school kids going on ‘strike’ for Climate Change” – have you actually thought about what you are saying

There is a post going around Facebook at the moment which is having a cheap shot at kids who are protesting climate change. Each time I see...

7 Ways To Mess Up a Resume + 2 Ways To Really Stuff It Up

We are trying to recruit someone and I am amazed at how poor most resumes are. We now have a numbering system for the mistakes.

Nine Life Lessons

For those of us with kids approaching the end of high school or university, this is a time when we start thinking about the future and what...

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