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Glow 2 Show
what you've missed

Glow 2 Show
what you've missed

Light Up Learning

Glow 2 Show training is fun, interactive and informative. It’s great for all ages from primary schoolers to senior citizens.

Glow 2 show products appear vibrant and neon initially, but once you rub them in, they disappear. Use UV light to bring back the neon fun after washing to reveal what you’ve missed. These products show students where dirt and bacteria linger after handwashing, making it an engaging way to demonstrate poor hand hygiene practices.

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How to use Glow 2 Show:


Apply Glow 2 Show to the hands and rub it in all over, including the wrists.


Wash the hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Dry the hands thoroughly.


Use a UV light to check for any areas that have not been washed.

Benefits of using Glow 2 Show

  • Helps to teach good handwashing technique
  • Is easy to use and understand
  • Is non-toxic and safe for all ages
  • Is a fun and engaging way to learn about handwashing


  • Size: 240mL pump-bottle
  • Made in Australia

Enough to suit any occasion


Restaurant Kit


Standard Kit


School Kit



Glow 2 Show Hand Washing

If your job is teaching people how to wash their hands, Glow 2 Show is an awesome visual training aid. The fluoro training gel makes for a fun and memorable demonstration for students of all ages – from kindy to aged care.

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