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<p>Sick of wasting time manually downloading temperature logger results from your vaccine fridge?</p>

Sick of wasting time manually downloading temperature logger results from your vaccine fridge?


We make complicated things simple

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Welcome to OnSolution.

We sell a small range of specialist products – mainly concerning temperature safety, hygiene, and first aid.

Because our range of products is small, our knowledge of these products is extensive. We take the time to offer advice before you buy and provide support afterwards.

We are extremely proud of our customer service. We don’t just have a Satisfaction Guarantee – we have a Happiness Guarantee (we want you to be more than just satisfied). If any product we sell does not fill your needs, just send it back. Find out more here.

If you have any questions about anything we sell, call us on 1300 30 33 34 and we’ll be glad to help – EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T BUY IT FROM US.

Our goal is this – to help you keep things simple.

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CleverLogger is here!

Temperature logging with …

  • No manual downloading
  • Automatic reports to your email
  • Alerts to email and phone if there's a problem

CleverLogger is the brand new way to log temperatures. Fully automatic, amazing time-saving features, and a realllly low price tag.

Featured Products

LogTag with USB

No need for a separate reader. Ideal if you only need one or two loggers, or if you use loggers to manage shipments.

From $143.00 inc GST

GlitterBug Beginner Kit

All you need for fun and interactive hand washing training.

$110.00 inc GST

Thermochron Temperature and Humidity Logger

Button-sized, weather-resistant and almost indestructible.

From $181.50 inc GST

CO2 Monitor

Feeling drowsy? Can’t concentrate? Headaches? It could be the air quality in your office. Test with this easy-to-use monitor.

$275.00 inc GST

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