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Is there an ideal temperature logger for your vaccine fridge?

There is a large range of temperature loggers on the market now, and they range in price from under $100 to thousands of dollars. 

What is the best temperature logger option for your fridge? 

It really comes down to your priorities. Here are some quick questions to help identify what you need.

Is it a fixed fridge or an eski?



This is the article for you. Please read on.


We have another article to answer this question. Click on the button below to find out the ideal logger for your vaccine eski.

Do you want to be immediately notified if there is a problem with your fridge?

A vaccine fridge will provide staff with an auditory warning if the fridge becomes too hot or too cold. This, however, is only useful if staff are close enough to hear it. Do you want to be notified (email or phone alert) if your fridge becomes too hot or cold?


Cloud-based temperature loggers will immediately notify you of a problem. This will give you the opportunity to fix the problem before it becomes a major one.



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Do you want to avoid wasting time manually downloading the results?

It typically takes about 5 minutes to download the results of a logger. Doing that once a week adds up to over 4 hours of work each year. If you download it each day, that is 20 hours a year. Would you rather be doing other things than downloading results from your temperature logger?


A cloud-based temperature logging system will automatically upload the results to the server every couple of minutes. 


Almost done.

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Are you on a tight budget?


If you literally just want the cheapest solution for right now, then a standalone logger is the best option…

…but if you want the best financial solution in the long term, then cloud-based solutions may pay for themselves within months. As the old saying goes “time is money”. 

And if you ever have a cold chain breach, a cloud-based system could save your stock and weeks of stress getting back up and running.


Strongly consider using a cloud-based solution. It is the future of vaccine monitoring and you will get the benefits of saving time and possibly averting a disaster.

Alternatively, if there is a reason why a cloud-based solution won’t work for you (e.g. absolutely no internet coverage) then check out the stand-alone solutions.

Vaccine Fridge

Cloud based solutions

A cloud-based solution will automatically upload the readings to the internet every couple of minutes. They offer you the following advantages:

  • Save time because staff don’t have to manually retrieve the results.
  • Receive an immediate alert if a problem occurs. You can then fix a minor problem before it becomes a major one.
  • You can see the data from almost anywhere.
  • For larger organisations, owners or head office can have access to the data

What is the best cloud-based solution?

There are basically two types of cloud-based systems, and it all comes down to how they “talk to the cloud”.

Do you want to use your own internet access or 4G?

Own Internet


  • Most affordable solution
  • No ongoing fees
  • Tends to have better coverage indoors


  • You may need IT involvement if you are in a heavily locked down network environment
  • Relies on your internet to be running for live data (but it will notify you if there is an internet issue)

Clever Logger is an Australian based company that has a cost effective solution. Your first fridge will be about $350 to monitor, and additional fridges only $125. 



  • Just turn it on and you are logging


  • Initial cost as well as a monthly fee
  • Requires a good 4G signal
  • Some are significantly slower than 1 sample per 5 minutes, and may not comply with the standards.

There are a number of 4G logging solutions. The prices vary a lot. They typically have an upfront cost of between $300 to $1000 dollars, and a monthly fee from $10/month upwards.

We currently don’t have any endorsement for a specific brand. 

LogTag with built-in USB

Stand-alone solutions

Stand-alone loggers have now been an industry standard for the past 20 years. They provide better proof of compliance then manually recorded temperatures, and also provide detailed information if there is a cold chain breach.

For the large majority of users, we would recommend the LogTag with built in USB. It is a low cost solution that is reliable and easy to use. 

There are also other options within the LogTag range including ones with a temperature display as well as the option of an external probe (ideal for glycol vials).

Vaccine Fridge

Did we answer your question?

Still not sure what the best solution is for your vaccine fridge? Please feel free to contact us either via email ([email protected]) or call us on 02 9614 6417.

We also have a total satisfaction guarantee. If the logger does not meet your requirement, simply let us know and we will either exchange it for a better solution or refund your money.