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Pre-Sales Advice

Tell us your problem and we’ll use our experience to give you the best advice. And if the best thing is for you to buy a product from someone else, we’ll tell you that too.

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Fast delivery

You need it immediately – we get that. Our delivery systems are optimized, ensuring that 92% of our customers receive their orders on the next business day.

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Friendly support

If you’re not tech-savvy, no need to worry. We can guide you through every step to help you understand how to use our products. Plus, our support extends throughout the product’s lifespan, not just during the warranty period.

Get in touch with us

We are real people and you can call us on 1300 30 33 34 (or +612 96146417 if you’re calling from overseas). You can email us on [email protected]. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday, but if you have an emergency, you can normally get through outside those times.

Meet the team

The Boss - Shane

Shane is the founder of OnSolution and a jack-of-all-trades. If anything goes wrong, it’s probably because he failed to delegate it to the team. His warped sense of humor is evident on this page, and he even wrote this self-deprecating description!

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People you'll speak to if you call

Portrait of Ian


If your technology isn’t cooperating, Ian is the guy who will get it back on track. He’s a whiz with all our products, and he can also help you format your Christmas card list in WordPerfect or connect your VCR to your new rear projection TV.



When things are going wrong and you’re a bit stressed out, Regina’s great advice and lilting Irish brogue will soothe your troubles away.



From the green valleys of South Wales to the mean streets of New South Wales, Liam has the experience to give you great advice and fantastic support, even if it is with a funny accent.



Jason brings a wealth of technical support experience to the team. He also has those glasses that make him look really intelligent, so there’s that as well.

Portrait of Tom


Tom is the creator of all things magical on the web for us. He also knows our products backwards and is likely to step in on some support calls.

The developers

Portrait of James


James is a programming guru. Before he was born he was able to program in 15 different languages. His very first words were “Hello World”. It is his job to make sure that our products are both as powerful as possible and as easy to use as possible.

Portrait of Kevin


Kevin is a User Experience programmer. His job is to create incredibly complex ways of making your life simpler. We don’t understand it, we just know it works.



On the outside, Jack is the cool guy – shades, ponytail, big black motorcycle. On the inside he is pure nerd. Jack has a passion for creating great software that will make your life easier – and more stylish.

Portrait of Josh


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Josh is our latest addition, lending their talents to graphic design, illustration, and website tasks.

In the background

Portrait of Geoff


Given how much coffee we drink each day, we thought we would get a bean counter. We call ours “Geoff”, which seems to suit him. He’s not the messiah; he’s a very naughty boy.

Portrait of Merle


With her calm voice and faultless organisation, Merle keeps the whole office chugging along smoothly. But don’t let her gentle manner fool you! Growing up in South Africa, she was known to wrestle lions and train surf on elephants.

Basic Avatar of Man


Nick Auf is the “person” in charge of new phone systems, SEO, solar panels, computer viruses and ATO payments. When scammers ring us asking for the person in charge of these things, they are placed on hold until Nick becomes available or they hang up.

Where can you find us?

Our warehouse is in the Hills District of Sydney at: Unit 43, 5 Anella Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154 We don’t get many visitors, but if you’d like to save yourself a delivery fee and pick up your order directly, feel free to give us a call and organise that.

A message to you:

Hi, I’m Shane van de Vorstenbosch, “founder” of OnSolution.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting our site. 

What I dislike about the Internet, and you may be the same, is how impersonal it is, and how you don’t know who you are buying from. Here I’ve tried to give you a sneak peek into who we are, and if you ever want more information please just contact us. We are a small team and are here to help. Still not sure, try Googling my name (there’s only one of me in the world). That’s me. I’ve been around for some time and plan to stay around for quite some more time.

But really, it’s not about us, it’s about you. So, how can we help you today?

Portrait of Shane