Clever Logger Wireless Temperature Loggers

Set-and-forget convenience combined with easy-to-use software


Get immediate notification of temperature problems to your computer or smartphone

Too Cold?

Too Hot?

Power Out?

How it works

This is the ultimate set-and-forget solution.

Never have to move your logger again. Never have to plug it into a computer to read the data.

The logger stays in the one place and transmits the data wirelessly.

Plug in the gateway

Connect the gateway to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or your wi-fi network). The gateway will pick up the data transmitted by the logger and upload it to a dedicated server on the Internet. Each gateway can collect data from up to 20 monitor tiles as far as 100m away (in ideal circumstances).


Place the logger

The logger is just 6.5 x 4cm and less than 1cm thick so it can be placed anywhere you need it - for instance, in a fridge or freezer. And once you've placed it, you never have to move it - its data is automatically transmitted to the base station. The loggers use a replaceable battery that lasts 12 months.

See data anywhere

Read your temperature data on any Internet connected device, anywhere - PC, Mac iPad, tablet, smart phone. Get alerts on out-of-range temperatures, connection outages and more. Check current temperatures without leaving your desk. Have reports automatically emailed to you.

… so user friendly!

Support is the best.

… already saved us $1,000s …

Automated, Wireless and Easy

Wireless Range

Up to 30m range

Communicate up to 30m from temperature logger to your gateway

Universal Access

Access current temperatures from any smartphone or computer with an Internet connection

WiFi Solution

WiFi connection

No Ethernet? Connect your gateway to a WiFi network instead

Automatic Notifications

Get customisable, automatic notifications sent to your phone or email

Easy Setup

No special software to install of maintain - Clever Logger just uses your browser.

Free Phone App

Get our free iOS and Android apps to monitor temperature on the go.

What is a wireless temperature logger?

A wireless temperature logger monitors the temperature and transmits these readings back to a gateway, which then uploads this data to a cloud based server.
It provides two key benefits to the user:
1. It provides a fully automated audit trail and significantly reduces labour costs as well as reducing the chance of human error.
2. It provides immediate alarm notification if a location becomes too hot or cold. These notifications are sent to smart phones (free app) and email addresses.

What parts are required?

Each point to be monitored (e.g. fridge, freezer, incubator, room) requires a logger.

At least one gateway is required.

What are the specifications for the wireless communications?

The logger uses Bluetooth to communicate with the gateway.

The loggers will communicate up to 30m “line of sight”. Doors and walls reduce the range.

How does the gateway communicate with the cloud?

The gateway can connect to your office network with either Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

How much bandwidth will they use?

Bandwidth is minimal. Periodic updates of the temperature are very small in size and only occur every couple of minutes.

Can the MAC address be provided prior to installation?


Does it support Wi-Fi?

Yes. The gateway can use simple wi-fi, but not hidden or enterprise wi-fi.