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Wireless Temperature Loggers

Set-and-forget convenience combined with easy-to-use software

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Get immediate notification of temperature problems to your computer or smartphone

Too Cold?

Too Hot?

Power Out?

How it works

This is the ultimate set-and-forget solution. No need to relocate the logger or connect it to a computer for data reading. The logger remains stationary, transmitting data wirelessly.


Plug in the gateway

Connect the gateway through Ethernet or Wi-Fi to collect data from loggers and transmit it to a server. Each gateway can handle data from 20 monitor tiles within a 100-meter range in ideal conditions.


Place the logger

The compact logger, 6.5 x 4cm x 1cm , fits anywhere like fridges or freezers. Once placed, it sends data to the base station without moving, using a replaceable 12-month battery.

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See data anywhere

Access temperature data from any internet-connected device, receive alerts for temperature issues, and easily automate email reports.

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Automated, Wireless and Easy

Automatic Notifications

Get customisable, automatic notifications sent to your phone or email

Access from Anywhere

Access current temperatures from any smartphone or computer with an Internet connection

Easy, One-time Setup

No special software to install of maintain – Clever Logger just uses your browser.

Monitor On
the Go

Get our free iOS and Android apps to monitor temperature on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wireless temperature logger?

A wireless temperature logger tracks temperatures and sends readings to a gateway, which then transfers data to a cloud server.Learn More about Temperature Loggers


  • Automated Audit Trail: Reduces labour costs and minimizes human errors.
  • Instant Alerts: Notifies via smartphone app and email if temperatures get too hot or cold.

Required Components

  • Each monitored point (e.g., fridge, freezer, incubator, room) needs a logger.
  • At least one gateway is essential.

Wireless Specifications

  • Loggers use Bluetooth to connect with the gateway.
  • Effective communication up to 30m in "line of sight"; range varies due to walls and doors.

Gateway to Cloud Communication

The gateway connects to your office network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Bandwidth Usage

  • Minimal impact on bandwidth.
  • Small temperature updates are transmitted every few minutes.

MAC Address Pre-Installation

Yes, the MAC address can be provided before installation.

Wi-Fi Support

Yes, the gateway supports simple Wi-Fi but not hidden or enterprise Wi-Fi.

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