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LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Logger

$192.50 inc GST

For extremely low temperatures – with no messy probes

This specialist LogTag will record temperatures as low as -80°C – the temperature of dry ice. You can place the logger directly in with your dry ice shipment (no need for a probe) to log temperatures across the journey.

The logger is reusable and will last up to 1,000 hours at -80°C.

Pack it with your shipment

If you’re dealing with dry ice, such as the transportation of goods cooled by dry ice, the LogTag Dry Ice Recorder is the product for you. Directly monitor temperatures as low as -80°C with the battery capability to record for 1,000 hours at that temperature.

This logger doesn’t require a probe. Pack it directly in with your shipment for the most accurate measurements.


Product Model TRIL-8
Sensor Measurement Range -80°C to 40°C (-112°F to 104°F).
Operating Temperature Range -80°C to 40°C (-112°F to 104°F).
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F).
Rated Temperature Reading Accuracy Better than ±1°C for -30°C to 20°C. Better than ±1.2°C for -45°C to -30°C and 20°C to 40°C. Better than ±1.7°C for 80°C to -45°C. Actual performance is typically much better than the rated values. Please see the Rated Absolute Accuracy chart below. Accuracy figures can be improved by recalibration.
Rated Temperature Reading Resolution Less than 0.1°C for -80°C to 0°C. Less than 0.2°C for 0°C to 20°C. Less than 0.5°C for 20°C to 40°C. Please see the Rated Native Resolution chart below. LogTag Analyzer® currently displays to one decimal place of °C or °F. The native resolution is what is stored in the LogTag®.
Sensor Reaction Time Typically less than 5 minutes (T90) in moving air (1m/s).
Recording Capacity 8000 temperature readings. 53 days @ 10min logging, 80 days @ 15min logging.
Sampling Interval Configurable from 1 minute to 18 hours.
Logging Start Options Push button start or specific date & time.
Recording Indication Flashing ‘OK’ indicator / flashing ‘ALERT’ indicator.
Download Time Typically less than 5 seconds for full memory (8000 readings), depending on computer or readout device used.
Environmental IP65 (roughly equivalent to NEMA 4).
Power Source 3.6V low temperature chemistry Lithium battery.
Battery Life Storage life of up to 12 months before ‘start’. Rated for up to 1000 hours of exposure to -80°C.
Real Time Clock Built-in real time clock. Rated accuracy ±25ppm @ 25°C (equivalent to 2.5 seconds/day). Rated temperature coefficient is -0.034 ±0.006ppm/°C (I.e typically /- 0.00294 seconds/day/°C).
Size 86mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T).
Weight 35g.
Case Material Polycarbonate.
Compliance and Certifications FDA CFR21 Part 11 FCC EMC Directive CE EMC Directives Conforms to RoHS

A note about battery life

As the temperature drops, so does the life of your battery.

The LogTag Dry Ice Temperature Recorder is one of the only loggers that will even function at -78.5°C, the surface temperature of dry ice, but any electronic device operating at that temperature pays a price in battery life.

The device was previously rated at 1,000 readings, but now the fine print reads 1,000 hours at -80°C.

That’s quite a difference. If you’re sampling every five minutes, that equates to 12,000 readings, not 1,000.

Remember that the LogTag Dry Ice is a reuseable device, so your 1,000 hours are cumulative and may occur over the course of a year or two. In between uses, when the LogTag is at room temperature, the battery will last as long as a regular logger.