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When storing your vaccines, “Strive for 5”, which are the Commonwealth Guidelines for the storage of vaccines, says that the temperature of your fridges must be monitored and recorded. These temperature loggers will record the temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Logtags are battery operated, so are perfect to place into the esky, amongst the vaccines and they will log. Once you reach your base, you can download the results and retain them in your records. There is no more guess work

The Logtag Display is great for transporting vaccines. The display shows the current temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures reached each day. The log is in the memory and can be easily downloaded.

The Logtag temperature has an LED that will flash red if an alarm temperature has been breached. It does not give you the instantaneous information of the Logtag display, but you know that all the vaccines have been transported within their required temperatures.

We sell these loggers in our online store. Purchase LogTag, or ring 0296146417 if you want to discuss your requirements with one of our support team.