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GlitterBug Powder (35g)

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The GlitterBug Powder


Show the trail of contamination with GlitterBug Powder and a UV torch. Dust small amounts of this powder onto commonly touched objects such as doorknobs, sign-in sheets or a desktop. Then use a UV light to show what has been touched and where the fake germs have travelled.

GlitterBug Powder makes it very easy to demonstrate the spread of germs. Simply sprinkle it on a surface. It will transfer to people’s hands when they touch the surface, and then onto other surfaces.

It can also be a simple check to see how effectively an area is washed, cleaned or vacuumed.

It is not intended for hand washing training. GlitterBug Potion is the best product for this.

This jar of GlitterBug Powder is 35g by volume.