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GlitterBug Gel

Training gel for teaching and testing hand sanitiser application technique fun and easily

$55.00 inc GST

Hand sanitisers can only kill the germs they come in contact with. How can you be sure that people are effectively using the hand sanitisers? The answer is now easy – use Glitterbug Gel.

Glitterbug Gel is the ideal way to train and test people for using hand sanitisers.

Hand sanitisers can only be as effective as the person using them. If hands aren’t thoroughly covered then there will be places for germs to survive and thrive.

To use, simply squirt a small amount of Glitterbug Gel onto someone’s hands and have them use it as if it were a hand sanitiser. Then use a UV light to show them where they have covered and where they have missed.

NOTE: This is NOT a hand sanitiser but a hand sanitiser training product.