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GlitterBug High School Kit

Engage high school students and teach them how to wash and sanitise their hands, with the fun and interactive GlitterBug Potion and Gel.

BONUS: includes 20 free copies of The Rotten Food Cookbook (a parody cookbook)

$295.00 inc GST

GlitterBug High School Kit

The GlitterBug High School Kit is the ideal way to teach students how to wash their hands AND how to correctly use a hand sanitiser. Our recommendation is to use them in different training sessions, and to use them BEFORE you instruct them on how to do it. It isn’t until a student sees that they don’t wash their hands correctly that they will listen to you. This boxed kit contains:
  • 1x GlitterBug Potion for hand washing training
  • 1x GlitterBug Gel for hand sanitiser training
  • 1x GlitterBug UV Torch
  • 20x “The Rotten Food Cookbook”