Are you making these 5 mistakes using a LogTag with a vaccine fridge?


LogTags are very easy to use, but there are some common mistakes that we hear about all the time. A lot of these have come from people writing procedures who don’t have all the facts. Have a look through these common mistakes and see if any of them are happening in your organisation. MISTAKE #1 […]

Australian Business Week Tutorials

Australian Business Week Tutorials Before I begin, I just want to say this is an unofficial set of videos that we made. We did it because we really like Australian Business Week (ABW) and think that it is teaching our school children some invaluable business skills. I’m a volunteer each year and help with the […]

I put the LogTag in the Reader and … nothing happened

When you pop your LogTag into the Reader, the LogTag Analyzer software should automatically download the data and show you a graph of temperature data. But what if it doesn’t? Here’s how to troubleshoot. Step 1: Check that you only have one instance of LogTag Analyzer open If the LogTag Analyzer software is already running […]

Hands Across The Water Thank You

Thank you to all of my sponsors This year there were 46 riders and we managed to raise over $300,000 in sponsorship. All of that money is going straight to the orphanages. A great part of the ride was actually visiting 3 sites that are supported by Hands Across The Water. This post has all […]

A “fair” tax system

Last week a Labor politician described a single tax rate for $40k and $120k as unfair. When it comes to income tax, what is fair? It turns out that a “fair” tax system is not what we want anyway.

The search for the perfect WordPress Quiz Plugin

This post was written as I was designing my first quiz… Which means that when you get beyond this intro, the rest is in chronological order. You can find the end result at: Food Safety Quiz This is my journey to get there… My Quiz Needs I wanted to create a Food Safety Supervisor quiz. […]

Great leaders aren’t always in front

As I rode 500km with a group of 48 business owners, I discovered that true leadership isn’t always found up front. It is one thing to be first across the line, but is that what makes a true leader?

3 Common Misconceptions About Food Poisoning

sick guy

I have to admit I love catchy titles and “3 common misconceptions” would have to fit into that category. That now gives me the challenge of coming up with the most common 3.  When it comes to food poisoning, there are so many to choose from.  1. “It was the last meal that I ate” […]