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Did you know it is “Get Online Week

Get Online week is designed to encourage people like the elderly to explore how the internet can help them.

For many of us we take it for granted. If we have a question, we just google it. If we want to buy something, we shop around online. We play games on line. We chat online. We share photos and our lives on line. We watch movies and TV shows online.

In fact, to not be online would be like living in the last century.

While not everything online is great, you have to admit that being online has transformed the way we do business.

But then when it comes to monitoring temperature, most businesses are still in the dark ages. Many companies still rely on manually taking readings from a thermometer. Then for those businesses that are using temperature loggers, they still have to manually download the results to view them.

They are still stuck in the twentieth century.

Imagine if your temperature logging capabilities were taken online.

You would be able to see the temperature of your fridges and freezers anywhere in the world. You would not have to be standing in front of your fridge.

But even better, like notifications telling you you have mail, you could receive notifications warning you that your fridge is too hot or cold.

And all that data would be at your fingertips at all times. Reporting would be a breeze.

The great news is that temperature logging is now online. CleverLogger is an Australian designed product which gives you all of these benefits, is low cost, and is incredibly easy to use.

So this week as you wonder who would not be online, check out your own business and how you are monitoring your fridges and freezers, and ask yourself if you could benefit from joining the 21st century and go online.

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