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What’s your trade show mission?

Sometimes I wonder why businesses exhibit at tradeshows. Let’s be brutally honest, if you have a tired and apathetic sales rep sitting...

The “Ultimate” Hand Washing Guide?

How many of these suspects are in your workplace?  

What’s the difference between “use by” and “best before” dates?

There is a critical difference between “use by” and “best before”, and it is what is happening to the food as it ages.

Why would I want to follow you?

All around us we see businesses with a "Follow us" sign. This leaves me with one very simple question "Why would I want to follow you?"

Stopping Australia’s growing Salmonella poisoning problem

At the recent NSW Environmental Health conference, the Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Food Authority, Dr Lisa Szabo, had some disturbing...

Harvey Norman Price Guarantee Is Only As Good As The Franchisee

Why does Harvey Norman have a price guarantee, when you have to argue with the sales rep and franchise owner for half an hour before they ar...

Would your cleaners pass a GlitterBug cleaning audit?

Five social media mistakes restaurants need to avoid

When something bad happens, you can't just sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away. For The Ranch, the more they tried, the worse it...

Car temperature reaches 70°C on a warm day

On a warm autumn day, why does my temperature logger alarm go off for the car? Turns out that I left it in the sun and it actually reached 7...

Why USB LogTags are perfect for refrigerated transport

Place this temperature logger in with your shipment and it will record the temperatures experienced inside the trailer throughout the journe...

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