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Are you after a job like this?


Do you live in the Hills area and want to spend less than 15 minutes driving to work each day? Are you sick of commuting into the city, or watching a sea of red braking lights as you slowly meander home?

You make a difference

We sell some great products that save lives. They do it by avoiding problems. We stop food poisoning. We keep vaccines safe. We are changing the attitude of industries through our marketing, and we are saving lives with our products.

You will also be a part of a small team where you will be expected to “pull your weight”. Practically that means we want someone who is responsible and wants to make a difference. We want to give you the freedom and opportunities to use your skills and ideas to do just that.

You have "fun"

OK, maybe not “play video games all day” type fun, but I want a business where you feel happy and at home. I want you to be doing the type of work that you love doing, and where you enjoy your time.

And it is probably wise not to boast about how good you are at FortNite, or how low your golfing handicap is (see how I avoided any age limiting comments there!)

So what does the job do?

We don’t have a job description. What I know is that our team is overworked and you can be helping more than one of them. Here are the tasks that will definitely be a part of your job: 

Helping put orders together

This may be a major or minor part of your role. This is the “lower tech” aspect of the company, and if you are after a “routine” aspect of the job, this is it.

Technical support

We will train you on all aspects of the product, and much of the learning is done by following the stuff we already do. 

Support is done either via emails or on the phone. You will need to have good phone skills and be prepared to talk to customers!

This is possibly the most daunting aspect of the job and if you aren’t happy talking to strangers, then this isn’t the right job for you. If, however, you love helping people out of a pickle, then this is perfect for you.


I put “sales” in quotes because this isn’t a full on sales role. We need someone to answer questions, create the occasional quote (which takes 2 minutes), and do a bit of followup. 

We don’t do cold calling. You won’t be talking to strangers.

Unless you want to, and that’s your thing. 

Because we have an awesome product that makes our customers’ lives simpler and easier. We aren’t selling icecream to eskimos!

You will be doing parts of the above every day. You will also be the backup person for all of these when Amber is away.

But when you aren’t doing these tasks, you may also have the chance to do some of the following. This is where your skills and interests will determine how you will fit in best. We don’t expect you to do any/all of the following, but you may be interested in…

Content creation

Be it writing posts, making videos, or sharing memes. 

We have over a dozen web sites that we maintain and are begging for content. That’s not including our face book pages and our totally neglected LinkedIn page. 

Software Development

Or if you have programming skills, we may be able to have you do some coding on one of the half dozen projects we are currently working on. 

Web site design

Or play with our numerous web sites. They are all WordPress with an Elementor framework.


It may be that you have a passion for getting the message out there directly. I shouldn’t rule that out. It’s just that I find marketing so much easier. 

Skills needed


Yes, I know “local” is not a skill, but it is a characteristic that we are after. So I will include it here.

And in case you miss it, if you live in “the Shire” or “the Gong” or “the City” then please don’t apply. We don’t want you! It’s not us, it’s you. Please save us rejecting you. It goes against both my environmental and business sensibilities to employ you. Save your self from the rejection and don’t apply.

Computer literate

We aren’t expecting Einstein, but we do expect you to know how to use email and a word processor. You need to know what the start button is, and how to turn the beast off. 

For the programming positions, we expect a tad more.

Very good English skills

This role involves phone support and writing emails. You need to have good English skills. 

We don’t expect Shakespeare, and in fact if you write like Shakespeare you won’t get past the resume stage.

And there’s a huge hint…spelling mistakes and a messy resume will mean you crash and burn. 

Initiative and responsibility

We want someone who “owns” their job and does what is needed.  We are after someone has ideas and is looking for a better way to do things. 

I don’t want to spend my entire day telling you what to do next (apart from the first couple of days on the job). 


Sorry, I’m over employing grumpy people. If you hate your job then don’t drag that into my office. 

If you hate other people, then don’t drag that into my office either.

And if you are intolerant then don’t drag that into my office. Because I can’t tolerate intolerant people.


Sense of humour

If you haven’t worked it out yet, there are some things I take seriously, and then there is everything else. 

Monty Python is regularly quoted. We don’t care if you don’t know any Monty Python, or dad jokes. We do care that you don’t have a sense of humour and feel they are beneath you.

BTW, the “I can’t tolerate intolerant people” was an attempt at humour. 

How to apply

If we need to explain how to contact us or how to find out more about this job, then you probably lack the computer competency skills and initiative that we are after.

Good luck. I look forward to hearing from you soon.