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Choking on our own carbon dioxide

Before you pick on someone else’s carbon dioxide levels… …it pays to check your own. That’s the lesson I learnt last week as we investigated Sydney trains (see our Sydney Trains post). Before we headed out on the trains we kick started a hand held carbon dioxide meter in the office. It was mid-afternoon and […]

CO2 Monitor in Meeting Rooms

After taking a CO2 Monitor on a train, I then took the KeepAlert CO2 Monitor into a meeting room in the city. This was a totally self-enclosed meeting room with no windows. It relied purely on the air-conditioning for air-circulation. And the result was no surprise – 1,200ppm. That’s over the recommended 1,000ppm which means […]

CO2 Monitor On Trains

I carried a KeepAlert CO2 Monitor on the train into the city today and the results were bad. CO2 levels above 1,000 indicate an excessive build-up of CO2. At these levels people may start to feel fatigued or have a headache. So the level on the train? Read more to find out…

Room Air Quality

With winter starting here in Australia, people are now starting to shut up and heat up. We make sure the doors are shut, windows closed, and we are kept warm and snug. But at the same time, we are stopping fresh air from circulating. And in office blocks, often a similar thing is happening behind […]

CO2 Levels in Training

I run training courses and I would like to think that I am an engaging presenter. I inject energy into my presentations, use humour, involve the group, and avoid long, boring powerpoint presentations. But recently I have been using the Keep Alert CO2 Monitor in the training room. Most of the time the CO2 levels […]