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After taking a CO2 Monitor on a train, I then took the KeepAlert CO2 Monitor into a meeting room in the city. This was a totally self-enclosed meeting room with no windows. It relied purely on the air-conditioning for air-circulation.

And the result was no surprise – 1,200ppm. That’s over the recommended 1,000ppm which means that some of us would be struggling to keep alert, and a head ache is a likely outcome for some.

So the 2 hour meeting that we were about to have was already off to a bad start without the first word even being uttered.

The solution is to increase the fresh air being circulated in the air-conditioning. It may mean leaving the door open more to have more air circulate. Chances are, it means finding a better venue because that meeting room is a bad use for dead space in the building.

KeepAlert have a great range of portable and desk CO2 monitors to help work out what your CO2 levels are.