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Can my vaccine refrigerator be adjusted?

No cause for alarm Modern vaccine refrigerators are fantastic devices and take much of the worry out of storing vaccines safely. When they’re working properly, that is. We recently had a customer who was getting some slightly strange readings from her temperature logger, despite not getting an alert from her refrigerator. The graph of readings […]

Inconsistent Vaccine Temp Logger Readings

Temperature Sensor Graph 1

Many of our customers use their temperature loggers to monitor vaccine fridges. Vaccine fridges have better temperature control than many other types of fridges and the results tend to be very predictable. Then there are the sudden changes which causes the readings to be in a new range. What causes a sudden shift in temperature […]

Using temperature loggers when transporting fresh basil

Fresh Basil

The temperature joys of transporting basil Today I had a question about the use of temperature loggers with the transport of fresh basil. The problem was in regards to the receiver rejecting shipments because the basil was out of the required temperature range (8° to 14°C). The temperature logger needed to either demonstrate that the […]

Roof space temperature and the effectiveness of whirly-gigs

Roof Space Temperature

It’s been interesting looking at the online debate about the effectiveness of whirly-gigs at cooling a house down by reducing the roof space temperature. The undisputed facts There are a couple of key facts that aren’t disputed: 1. The roof space heats up more than the outside air. The roof space temperature is signficantly higher […]

Data logger for room temperature

Which unit is the best data logger for room temperature? The ideal temperature range is meant to be 22° to 24°C. This incredibly small temperature range means that even a small temperature variation is noticeable. This means that the unit must have a high resolution. The thermocron TCS, Logtag and the budget USB temperature logger […]

Temperature Complaints

Temperature data logger

What do you do if you have a customer or tenant who is continually complaining about the temperature? You can wander in and check if it is too hot or cold, but chances are everything will be fine when you drop by. Or you can check the records in your BMS system if you have […]

Temperature data logger

Temperature data logger

We sell many different models, and while I wish I could just keep one in stock, I can’t. The reason is simple, the answer depends on what it is needed for. Here are a number of key factors: Required Temperature Range: Temperature data loggers have a key range that they were designed for. Most of […]

Humidity loggers revealed unpleasant truths

You can’t handle the truth. Sometimes I think the reason why people don’t use temperature and humidity loggers is because they may discover the truth, or have what they already suspect confirmed. In a couple of recent discussions we have had, we have discovered how humidity loggers revealed unpleasant truths. In one case our initial […]