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Which unit is the best data logger for room temperature?

The ideal temperature range is meant to be 22° to 24°C. This incredibly small temperature range means that even a small temperature variation is noticeable. This means that the unit must have a high resolution. The thermocron TCS, Logtag and the budget USB temperature logger are suitable.

If you care about humidity as well then the thermocron HC, Logtag LogHum and budget USB humidity logger are very good options.

In reality, temperature will fluctuate much more than 22° to 24°C. The Thermocron, Logtag and budget USB data loggers all support a range from -30° to 85°. That should cover 99.9% of the world’s population.

So the choice is then between the thermocron, Logtag and budget USB data logger. So which one is the best data logger for room temperature?

If you have just a single location and you are happy with basic software, the budget USB data loggers are a good option.

If you have multiple locations or want better software, then the thermocron and Logtag range are the better choice.

If you want an indication that all is well, or if there is a problem, then Logtags are ideal.

If you want an incredibly small, discrete unit that can be put almost anywhere, then the thermocron is ideal.

Otherwise, toss a coin. They are both great solutions.