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Temperature Loggers help Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors heavily penalises sites that don’t effectively monitor the temperature. You must ensure that your fridges are all below 5°C. Many restaurants will either: a) Do nothing and hope for the best b) Rely on unreliable staff to record the temperature every now and then and both will leave you wide open to […]

Scores on Doors Application

We are currently developing a mobile application to help business pass Scores on Doors. We would love to hear from you with ideas. The application will be a cross between an audit tool and recommendations on what to do to improve your restaurant or cafe. So if you have any tips on passing Scores on […]

Will Scores on Doors protect against egg contamination?

With two high profiles cases of Salmonella this year, with eggs being blamed for both, the question is “will Scores On Doors protect against egg contamination?” Check 4 on the Food Premises Assessment Report (FPAR) is: “No sale of food that is damaged, deteriorated or perished, no use of cracked or dirty eggs or food […]

Scores on Doors Food Premises Assessment Report

In my last blog I summarised how Scores on Doors worked and said it gave points to specific failures. This blog is basically a repeat of the sheet used by inspectors. This is it – the “exam”. The Scores On Doors uses a “Food Premises Assessment Report” (FPAR) to try to have a uniform marking […]

How Does Scores on Doors Work?

Scores on Doors is based on a demerit system. That is, a venue gains points for the more things it gets wrong. Depending upon how many points they get will determine their final rating. For 5-stars they can lose up to 3 points. For 4-stars they can lose up to 8 points. For 3-stars they […]

Scores On Doors Overview

My next couple of blogs will be focusing on the Scores on Doors scheme that is run as a joint venture between the NSW Food Authority and local councils. According to the NSW Food Authority’s web site the goal is to: “Scores on Doors allows the public to know how well food businesses are complying […]

Would my kitchen pass Scores on Doors?

So we have just cracked down on restaurants, but let’s be honest, would my kitchen pass Scores on Doors? I will do two levels of tests – the day to day test and the guest test. Hopefully we have higher standards for guests, and face it, restaurants are serving guests. The first 3 criteria, no […]

Scores on Doors and temperature

Scores on Doors also heavily penalise food based on incorrect temperatures. Like dirty hands, the temperature of food is one of the biggest contributors to food poisoning and one that can now be easily avoided. Bacteria flourishes between 5° and 60°. Above 60° it is killed, and below 5° it slows down. So the standards […]

How can Scores on Doors be improved?

Following are my thoughts on how Scores on Doors can be improved. I’m not saying that my suggestions are perfect, and it would be great if someone did debate the points I make. There are issues with my proposals, but I think my proposals are worth mentioning. Show passing as a pass Simply put, remove […]

Is a restaurant with 3-stars Scores On Doors safe to eat at?

Is a restaurant with 3-stars Scores On Doors safe to eat at? That’s up there with: –        Can I leave my cat alone with my canary? –        Can I run across the road without looking? –        Is it safe to play Russian Roulette with a gun that has only one bullet in it? The answer […]