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Scores on Doors heavily penalises sites that don’t effectively monitor the temperature. You must ensure that your fridges are all below 5°C. Many restaurants will either:

a) Do nothing and hope for the best

b) Rely on unreliable staff to record the temperature every now and then

and both will leave you wide open to being heavily penalised. In fact, a single failure in regards to temperature is enough to give an automatic failure.

When it comes monitoring locations such as fridges and freezers, the best solution is a temperature logger. They will continually monitor temperature 24/7 and provide proof that everything is OK.

In the event of a problem such as a power failure, they clearly indicate when the problem started, how long it lasted, and how bad the problem was. That’s critical information in determining if food is safe for consumption.

We would recommend the Logtag Temperature Logger with its LED indicators or temperature display. Starting at $70 they are a low cost investment that could save your business.