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How often and when should I wash my hands?

Remember the ad? Wash your hands Jeffery, with the Solvol Jeffery. How often and when should I wash my hands? If you were Jeffery it was only when you were coming inside after a hard day playing in the garden, and when your mother told you. The basics for good hand hygiene are: after going […]

How do I wash my hands properly?

You have just used GlitterBug to show that you have poor hand washing technique and are not removing all the germs and getting into the nooks and crannies that keep the bacteria and viruses hidden away. What technique can I use to improve on my hand washing?

Health Care Training Hand Hygiene

It has become very apparent over the last few years that hand hygiene is of paramount importance both in the health care industry as well as the food industry. The first thing medical professionals are taught isn’t how to take blood pressure, it’s how to wash your hands. But how can you teach this effectively?

The Five Moments of Hand Washing

These five moments of hand washing are being promoted by Hand Hygiene Australia in an effort to bring higher standards of hand hygiene and cleanliness in a hospital setting. This, of course, also applies to doctors, surgeons, and anyone dealing with patients. Follow the 5 Moments every time you see a patient: Before touching a patient Before […]

The World’s Dumbest Hand Washing Sign

This hand washing sign was unbelievable. In fact, you have to read it twice to fully appreciate what they are saying. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for signs about washing hands. I sell Glitterbug for hand washing training. But this sign was just too good to be true: In case you missed it […]