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This hand washing sign was unbelievable. In fact, you have to read it twice to fully appreciate what they are saying. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for signs about washing hands. I sell Glitterbug for hand washing training. But this sign was just too good to be true:

In case you missed it all:

  1. Are we preventing “the spread of germs and illness by hand washing”. Is it the washing of hands that is our problem?
  2. “If you wash your hands after using the toilet or/and urinal, then you will be assured that everyone does”. Does this mean that I can guarantee that everyone pays their taxes by paying my own, everyone sticks to the speed limit by me driving slowly, and no one dies of cancer by me not smoking.
  3. “Washing your hands is one of the most important and effective things you can do to prevent getting the flu or any other from others”. I always thought it was them washing their hands that was the issue for me. I thought I was washing my hands for their benefit.
  4. “Many of those Illnesses can now be avoided if we do something as simple as wash our hands correctly”. Forget about not coughing or sneezing over things, or sharing cups (or needles!). Forget about vaccines. Just wash your hands and all will be good.

So by this, I can now, just by washing my hands, avoid catching the flu, and guarantee that everyone will also wash their hands and won’t catch the flu.

I know there are a couple more gems in it like “illness, infection and illness” but that’s no making any ground breaking scientific claims.