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You have just used GlitterBug to show that you have poor hand washing technique and are not removing all the germs and getting into the nooks and crannies that keep the bacteria and viruses hidden away.

What technique can I use?

  1. Many people think that it is time. I just stand at the basin with soap and rub my hands together for 10 minutes and it’ll be fine.
  2. I use soap quickly, then use an alcohol based cleaner.
  3. I scrub really hard.
  4. Using an anti-bacterial soap

All these are good, but they do necessarily achieve the result of elimination of bacteria and viruses from the skin.

Hand Hygiene Australia have developed a technique for the washing of hands.

  1. Remove any jewellery that may stop you washing correctly
  2. Wet hands with warm water
  3. Apply soap
  4. Rub hands together to cover all surfaces don’t forget in-between your fingers
  5. Rub hands together for 20 seconds (sing “Happy birthday to you” twice)
  6. Rinse hands making sure you have removed all the soap and bubbles
  7. Take time to dry your hands
  8. Put paper towel in bin, if used