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I may as well round off my rant against institutions by picking on hospitals (and I may as well include GPs, dentists, and any other person who likes to prod and poke their patients).

Why isn’t it standard to do Glitterbug Hand Washing Training in hospitals?

Having recently spent a couple of weeks visiting a friend in hospital, it was interesting to see the hand washing culture in place. There appears to be a high reliance on sanitisers but there were very few instructions, and no training, for visitors. For staff, I didn’t see a single person wash their hands before or after visiting patients. I know that there is a big push for this.

So why not make hand washing training a quick, fun but hard hitting exercise. Show people how they should be doing it and use Glitterbug to show them how they aren’t doing it correctly.

That’s 3 blogs from me with a complaint against 3 groups. Special Offer: If you are a part of any of these organisations, use coupon code GB10 in the next 15 days and receive 10% off your order of GlitterBug products.  If you aren’t a part of these organisations and feel ripped off, use coupon code GB09 in the next 15 days and receive 9% off your order of GlitterBug products. Buy GlitterBug in our secure online store.