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10 foods to avoid while pregnant … and why

What to eat while pregnant

Pregnancy hormones can lower a woman’s immune system to the point that infections and diseases that she would normally fight off can have much more serious consequences. When talking about food poisoning, the two main culprits are listeria (Listeria monocytogenes) and salmonella. In Australia, one in ten cases of listeriosis is a pregnant woman, and […]

The six big DON’Ts when using raw eggs

tiramisu contains raw eggs and so can be contaminated by salmonella

Salmonella bacteria is found in the faeces of most birds – including chickens. When faeces comes in contact with eggs, the bacteria is transferred to the egg. Only about 1 in 20,000 eggs have salmonella present on the inside, but a much larger number have the bacteria present on the shell. This can be transferred […]

Protecting your customers from listeria

The news today is reporting a story about two people who have died from listeria infection. Ten people in total have been affected by this outbreak, which has been linked to rockmelons from a farm at Nericon in the Riverina in NSW. Every year in Australia, about 150 people are hospitalised with listeriosis and about […]

Chipotle: A Tale About Letting Sick Staff Prepare Food

Chipotle food

[row] [column medium=”7″] In 2015, people started getting sick after eating at Chipotle – a chain of fast food Mexican restaurants across the US. Five people were infected by E. coli in Seattle. At least 234 people in California’s Simi Valley were infected with norovirus. In Minnesota, 64 people were diagnosed with salmonella poisoning from […]

Stopping Australia’s growing Salmonella poisoning problem


At the recent NSW Environmental Health conference, the Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Food Authority, Dr Lisa Szabo, had some disturbing news… While the rest of the world appears to be getting Salmonella under control, Australia’s trend is going in the wrong direction. Preventing Salmonella poisoning So what can be done to reverse this […]

Media Misinterpretation: Food Poisoning Hotspots

A report is currently being misquoted as saying you are twice as likely to get food poisoning from restaurants than from home. We tracked down the original report and discovered that’s not what it said. What did it say, and where are you most likely to get food poisoning?

Salmonella Bomb destroys Albury burger joint

Salmonella Bomb

Imagine something small enough to fit on your hand that could raze your business with the flick of a switch. For The Burger Bar in Albury, that’s exactly what happened back in January, 2010. It destroyed the business, and the impact it had on the owners was also devastating. In the process it also gave […]

Food safety at local events

Have you ever wondered what precautions are in place at temporary events? As you wander around some cultural collection of culinary cuisine (yes that means absolutely nothing, it just has alliteration value), do you ever wonder if the catch of the day is likely to be salmonella? Or as keen parents try to part your […]

Food safety training is not “very, very boring”

Food Safety Training

Yesterday I attended a Food Safety Supervisor course and was blown away when the instructor introduced the topic with: This is very, very boring. I am telling you now. And I suspect that most people teaching food safety have exactly the same mindset. It is a mindset that is all through management and it is […]

Watching a chef try to kill me

Last week I had the joy of watching a chef try to kill me. To make it even worse, I had just spent the previous day writing a recipe that used a very similar technique as part of my “Rotten Food Cook Book”. My recipe is called “Chicken Seizure Salad”, but this chef tried it […]