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Many a day goes by where we get asked about the benefits of logging temperature, and how does a temperature logger help with the compliance to food safety requirements or the requirements of “Strive for 5” vaccine storage. But, every now and then there comes a question that makes us think and use the knowledge that we have on logging equipment.

Yesterday was one of those days.

A freight company asked us how they could ensure that the art pieces they were taking overseas would be transported at both the correct temperature as well as the correct humidity.

Asking the usual questions it appeared that there was to be a large quantity being transported and that air freight was out of the question, so these needed to be placed into a container and shipped by sea freight. They were talking of hundreds of pieces of art.

They had arranged the boxes to ensure that there would be no damage to the pieces and the frames, but at the last minute the insurance company had asked them what controls they had on humidity and what proof did they have that the temperature and the humidity was going to be OK. They were perplexed as it had never been an issue with single pieces airfreighted, but the longer journey meant a greater chance of exposure to moisture.

There was hygroscopic material placed into many areas of the container. The problem was proof that the artwork would not be subjected to high humidity.

This customer purchased 20 Thermocron HC with card fobs to log both the temperature and humidity throughout the journey. The loggers were to be placed inside the artwork cartons, as well as in three points inside the container to ensure the levels were OK inside. eTemperature was included as well so that the receiver could download the logs of the journey on arrival.

The journey was going to be about 6 or 7 weeks, so the 8000 readings available in the Thermocron HC, the temperature and humidity were going to be recorded every 30 minutes which would well and truly cover the journey.

Hopefully we will find out the results.