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Volvos, airbags and four wheel drives

Disclaimer: This blog is filled with black humour involving car safety and accidents. Please don’t read on if this is likely to upset. OK, releasing unsupported scientific argument isn’t the best. But a quick google on airbags and driving patterns quickly brought up this which I thought was interesting because it’s an old article talking about […]

Eggs, Volvos and SAP

What do eggs, Volvos and SAP have in common? Philosophy. Well, my type of philosophy. Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Do bad drivers chose Volvos, or do Volvo drivers become bad drivers? And finally, do large companies trying to avoid paying on time chose SAP, or does SAP turn good companies […]

Google proves that people don’t care as much as you

It’s important to me. And it’s important to you. Or it should be. But Google has shown me that it isn’t. Well, to most of you. I know there are a few exceptions. And to make it even worse, I suspect that those exceptions are people like me working out who else cares. Let me […]

Incandescent lights should not have been banned

Both the federal government and the state government are justifying the banning of incandescent lights and the argument is reasonably simple “incandescent lights are bad, bad, bad for the environment and anyone who uses them is evil”. The NSW web site even goes on the show how much money you save by switching to a compact fluorescent […]

Why I hate Windows 8

Okay, hate is a strong word, but still – why are we being forced to use a tablet interface if we have a big screen, keyboard and mouse?

Why I hate the Ribbon control

I am writing a new program. I have the choice of using either the old style of menu and toolbars, or make my software look modern and use a ribbon control. As far as I can tell, the only advantage the ribbon control offers is that it makes my software look modern. In theory, ribbon […]