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I own PCs. They have nice big monitors. They have a mouse and a keyboard. I don’t own a tablet. I prefer laptops because they have a keyboard and a mouse. I write software. I write blogs. I am focused on productivity.

And I own a lot of software. In fact, as I write this I have 6 apps running all at once. I flick between them. I usually have a couple open side by side. On my other beast I have the multiple monitors.

In short, I AM A PC USER.

So why am I being forced to become a tablet user????

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that half the features of the iPad / Android are compromises dealing with a small screen, fat fingers and an average processor. Yes, they have achieved amazing things and they have turned a liability into a bit of an asset, but it is still based on compromises.

And now we are trying to make my PC compete with a tablet by making it look like a tablet, act like a tablet, and eventually become a tablet.

I have been supporting software since the early 90s. I have enough fun remembering the subtle differences. Many of you will be too young to know the difference between Windows NT and Windows 95 but supporting both of them at once was awful, and they were remotely similar. But now I will be supporting two platforms that will be worlds apart.

So my hope at this stage is that Windows 8 will be a short lived Vista experience. And Windows 9 will be an apology which will be back to Windows 7, but better.