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LogTag: Automated Temperature Recording.

No Hassles. Just Results.

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“I have been using the LogTags for a number of years and find them reliable, easy to use and easy to explain how to use them. I have recommended them to other organisations who monitor vaccine temperatures.” Medical Practitioner

“The Logtag Temperature Logger is small and compact and ideal for small day surgeries and small fridges! I am now better able to meet accreditation standards for drug temp monitoring and documentation of these readings.” Day Surgeon


Simple, Automated Temperature Monitoring.

LogTags are dead simple to use. Configure your logger with our easy-to-use software, hit ‘start’ and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

No matter your requirements, we’ve got you covered. LogTags come in a variety of different models to suit different industries and requirements.

Plus, LogTags are used by professionals worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing you’re buying a reliable product.

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LogTag Features

Easy To Use

Configure your LogTag Temperature Logger with the easy-use-software and press the “start” button. That’s it. All done.

Built in alerts

You can easily find out if the temperature has gone outside your predefined temperature range, without having to download the results to a computer.

Easy Analysis

The LogTag Analyser software makes it easy to create reports and charts from your LogTag Temperature Logger’s results. It’s easy to see what’s been going on.

From -80 to +80

Pick the LogTag which suits the temperature range you need. Suitable for dry ice, fridges, freezers and storage areas.


A LogTag is roughly the size of a credit card – they fit (almost) anywhere!


There’s no need to sell your limbs (In fact, we discourage it.) You can get started with LogTag at a very attractive price point.


Need to monitor both temperature and humidity? Choose our LogTag Temperature & Humidity logger and you’re on your way.


Some models have a built in display so you can easily see the current temperature (& humidity) right from the logger (no need to connect to a computer).

External Probes

With LogTag, you have the option to use an external probe. This is ideal for monitoring inside food.

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Can’t decide?

Don’t know which is the best option for you? We’re here to help, with our handy Temperature Logger Chooser tool. It’ll ask you a few questions and then recommend the best product for your needs.
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