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“Vogon poetry is the third worst in the Universe. The second worst is that of the Azgoths of Kria… The absolute worst poetry was written by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex… luckily, it was destroyed when the Earth was.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

I hope that this quotation from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy doesn’t prejudice what you’re about to experience, but I felt it prudent to quote it just as a reference point.

Sometimes, our product development team get a bit too attached to their work.  The result is this Temperature Logger Poetry. Here are some choice selections…




Temperature logger,
Oh temperature logger,
What are thou oh temperature logger

Temperature recorder,
Oh temperature recorder,
Surely there must be a better alternative,
Temperature recorder oh temperature recorder

A temperature probe by any other name would probably be something else.