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Thermochron TCU (DS1922E) – Ultra Extreme Logger
$252.50 inc GST

You will need
a USB Reader

Thermochron reader

To configure your Thermochron and read the data from it, you will need an iButton reader.

Do you need a NATA certificate?

We can have your Thermochrons tested in a lab using NATA certified equipment, and provide you with a certificate of accuracy. This service adds about a week to delivery time and costs $121.

Monitor temperatures up to 140°C

This is our second Thermochron that breaks the 100°C barrier taking it up to 140°. Ideal for monitoring sterilisers at a very affordable price.

Part No: DS1922E
Range: 15°C to 140°C
Resolution: 0.5°C or 0.0625°
Samples: 8,000 or 4,000

Ideal for Sterilisers

Monitor Manufacturing

Huge Memory

Monitor high temperatures without a probe

The Thermochron TCU can withstand temperatures as high as 140°C, which means you can use them to monitor sterilisers and other high temperature environments without the need for a probe.

A set of 9 or 12 TCUs is commonly used to evaluate sterilisers. The tiny loggers can be distributed throughout the chamber to measure different areas. The sample rate can be set as low as 1 second for accurate timecoding.

Key Features

  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C from -10°C to +65°C (with software correction)
  • Choice of resolution: 8-bit (0.5°C) or 11-bit (0.0625°C)
  • 512 Bytes of memory – enough for ~4,000 11-bit reading or ~8,000 8-bit readings
  • Factory-lasered with a guaranteed unique 64-bit registration number that allows for absolute traceability
  • Individually calibrated in an NIST-traceable chamber (complies to Standard EN12830)
  • Water-resistant enclosure (IP56) or waterproof if placed inside Thermochron Capsule
  • CE, FCC, and UL913 certifications
Temperature logging in an autoclave