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Thermochron Capsule

A screw capped capsule to make the Thermochron totally waterproof.
It will protect the Thermochron from moisture, solvent and pressure.

$88.00 inc GST

The TCCAP is a mechanical enclosure to protect Thermochron loggers from moisture, solvents and pressure.

The device consists of a base with the cavity for a Thermochron, a screw-in plug with O-ring to seal the enclosure, and a top with two stainless-steel screws to mount the iButton Capsule to a cable, e.g., to measure temperature at different levels within a liquid.

The cable is inserted into the notch of the plug where it is held in place by the matching protrusion of the top piece.

Can be used with the TC, TCZ, TCS, TCX and TCU.

Diameter: 25.4mm
Total height: 28mm (base: 16.5mm + plug: 6.35mm + top: 5.1mm )
Weight Empty: 18.4 grams