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Burn and kitchen modules for first-aid kits


First aid kits are designed as a general tool for emergencies. Kitchens have special risks and so require additional items. First aid modules for commercial kitchens Modules to suit your needs In my previous update about the OnSolution product range I mentioned the add-in modules for the kitchen, burns and eye. At Fine Food we […]

BurnAid – taking the hassle out of burns


Yes, I like sensational titles, and “taking the hassle out of burns” is a good one. The reality is that burns are a hassle and may require serious attention. BurnAid is about providing the best possible response to a burn as quickly as possible. When the best first aid is required BurnAid used by NSW […]

First aid kits – extending our safety range

We are now introducing a range of first aid kits. Why shoud you read this blog? 1: The laws changed last year regarding the contents of first-aid kits This was mostly to do with trying to make a national standard but it does mean that if your first-aid kit is more than a year old, […]

Restaurant First Aid Kits

OnSolution now supplies a range of restaurant first aid kits.These kits are designed to deal with accidents that are specific to restaurants, cafes and commercial kitchens. The two most accident prone areas of many businesses are the kitchen and cars. Kitchens expose employees to the risks of cuts, burns and falls. That’s why it is […]