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Yes, I like sensational titles, and “taking the hassle out of burns” is a good one. The reality is that burns are a hassle and may require serious attention. BurnAid is about providing the best possible response to a burn as quickly as possible.


When the best first aid is required

BurnAid used by NSW and Victorian ambulances

If an ambulance is called in, they will be using a product called “BurnAid”.

The reasons why they use it include:

But look at that list and ask yourself “why wait for the ambulance?” You can be treating a burn immediately and getting rid of the pain, minimising the damage, and helping the healing process immediately.

The alternative is to spend half an hour with the wound under cool running water. In a busy kitchen this is often not possible, and for burns where there is no running water it is a real issue.

BurnAid Options

From scalds to serious burns

For small burns or scalds, BurnAid is available in a small gel pack or tube. You can get them from us or almost any pharmacy.

But we recommend that you check out the bandages with BurnAid in them. They are available as 10x10cm, 20x20cm and 30x30cm bandages, a face mask and a glove.

For burns that don’t require hospitalisation, they allow you to quickly deal with the pain and get back to work.

Modules with BurnAid

To have you fully covered

At Fine Food we found that the Burns Module was incredibly popular. It contains some essential extras for where minor burns are likely to occur:

The Kitchen Module combined the need for extra burn precautions with the need for blue tapes. It contains:

These kits are ideal for adding onto an existing first-aid kit. They are not first-aid kit replacements.


There has to be one. There always is!!!

Any serious injury should be treated by a medical professional. If in doubt, get treatment.

Burns ideally should be treated by someone with first-aid training – not because the product needs a specialist to use, but hopefully because they will seek medical help if the burn is more serious.

In the case of a real emergency, hopefully you aren’t scrolling down to here to read the instructions. Get yourself and the patient to safety. Use burnaid. Get someone to call for an ambulance (and the fire brigade???). And in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic”.