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We are now introducing a range of first aid kits.

Why shoud you read this blog?

1: The laws changed last year regarding the contents of first-aid kits

This was mostly to do with trying to make a national standard but it does mean that if your first-aid kit is more than a year old, it may not comply.

2. The contents of a first-aid kit are often generic and not designed for specific locations like commercial kitches

Most first-aid kits are designed to handle a reasonable number of “likely” accidents. Kitchens are much higher risk areas and have a very high risk of cuts and burns. Your first-aid kit should contain extra items specifically for this. Also, blue band aids and finger cots are ideal for kitchens, but usually not found in most first-aid kits.

3: Not all first-aid kits are the same

A cheap first aid kit won’t contain the amount or variety of items that a professional first-aid kit will contain. Cheap kits often contain inferior quality knock-off products. You need to ensure that the kit is capable of looking after your staff.

4: There are products that allow people to get back to work sooner

A first-aid kit is primarily designed to stitch a person together long enough for the ambulance to arrive. There are some simple extras that can be included to help get staff back to work straight away.

Some things we noticed…

When we were investigating first-aid kits, it appears that everyone sells not one, but hundreds of different kits. They have very minor variations because that are all based on the same standard. They differed more on packaging than content.

So when we started distributing them, we standardised on 4 kits across the 3 different sizes. This may grow slightly but we wanted to keep it simple.

All the items in them are brand names where possible. This is to ensure that they are quality items and not cheap knock-offs. The kit price is slightly more because of it, but when it comes to the crunch the extra couple dollars are worth it.

So watch this space…

Over the next couple of months we plan on creating a new web site that will make it very easy to select the best first aid kit for your needs, and add the critical modules that will ensure your staff are kept safe and are able to get back to work as quickly as possible.

But before then, feel free to contact us on 02 9614 6417 to discuss your needs.

Why do we now sell first aid kits?

The progression of products went sort of like this:

1. We sell temperature loggers. No-one knows what a temperature logger is, so we need to find the people who would be interested in temperature loggers so we can tell them that they exist.

2. People who care about food safety would want temperature loggers. So what else do these people care about? Hand washing.

3. What great product can we promote for hand washing? Glitterbug Hand Washing Training products. Excellent.

4. Oh, look, we are selling a lot of Glitterbug. What else would someone who cares about hand washing want? Hand washing products!

5. What’s a really good hand washing product? The Deb range (Oxybac and InstantFOAM). Excellent.

6. Oh look, we can get First Aid Kits from the same supplier and people who care about safery, may want a good first aid kit.

So we now have first aid kits.