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Over the last couple of days it has felt like winter is rapidly approaching, and the new Ventis system is rising to the challenge. In fact, it is now 5:30pm and I am still sitting here in a polo shirt while the temperature outside is dropping. I can just make out the sound of the Ventis running as it continues to pump 25° air in from the roof.

Today the roof cavity temperature hit the 30s. There was plenty of warm air being pulled into the rooms.

But what was really good was watching the KeepAlert CO2 meters and seeing the CO2 levels remain low. Not only are we benefitting from the warm air, but it’s fresh.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Shane, I’ve been searching for real life people who have the Ventis ventilation system installed. We have signed up to have one installed in our damp 2 storey house. How did the system go over winter? Did you have condensation problems on windows in winter prior to having the ventis installed?

    1. Hi David,
      The system is a winner all through winter. We have a “cool” house and rarely use the air-conditioning in summer but need heating in winter. While Ventis is not a total heating solution it was contributing to the heating of the house on a large number of the days. We particularly noticed it in the rooms where we don’t normally have heating on.

      Now that you mention it I haven’t noticed condensation on windows this year but have in previous years.

      What I have noticed are the CO2 levels within the house are generally a lot better. It helps when you actually sell CO2 metres and can test these facts yourself. Before putting Ventis in we had a sealed house and tried to avoid all airflow from outside. The CO2 levels were often too high. We had one room in particular that was incredibly poorly ventilated and it now gets fresh air every day.

      So you are possibly feeling apprehensive about the investment you’ve just made. Don’t worry about it, it will do more than you hoped for.

      And for the sake of full disclosure you can look at my previous blogs about trying to reuse energy within the house. I’ve tried various experiments on my own and have worked with companies offering various “green” solutions such as heat reflective paint. My brother was a Ventis sales rep for a year and that’s how I found out about the product. I installed my system after he left. There is no financial gain to me, my family, or friends in the advice I’m giving here. It’s just a really great concept which I hope takes off in every house.


  2. Thanks for the update. Have you had to change the filters yet? From what the sales rep told me you can buy through Ventis and install the new filters yourself or get them to install for an additional price.

    How big is your Ventis system? Our proposed system is 2 fans and 8 outlets (5 upstairs and 3 downstairs). The wife isn’t too happy about losing wardrobe hanging space so that the ducting can get downstairs.

    We live behind a reserve, so it is quite normal for the humidity levels to be above 60% both inside and outside the house, so I’m worried that the Ventis will sit there and not do anything since it can’t improve on the humidity. In winter we only get sunlight on the roof for around 3.5 hours, so that another thing I’m worried about.

    My wife isn’t convinced and thinks it will just be a waste of money. We had silicone damp course injections done in an attempt to resolve the rising damp issues downstairs, the Ventis is significantly cheap than that work was, but still more money being spent. Hopefully this will dry the house out. There are lots of positive reviews on the Ventis website, but I’m just thinking “what if it doesn’t work for our house”.