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Ventis Experiment a Failure


Disclaimer This is about how I asked for a modification to the standard Ventis system, how it performed, my conclusions, and recommendatations. If you just want the summary version about Ventis then read the last section. How Ventis works Ventis works by pumping cool air into your warm house. It isn’t an air-conditioning system and […]

Ventis Kicks Off as Sydney’s Temperature Drops


Over the last couple of days it has felt like winter is rapidly approaching, and the new Ventis system is rising to the challenge. In fact, it is now 5:30pm and I am still sitting here in a polo shirt while the temperature outside is dropping. I can just make out the sound of the […]

Putting Ventis to the Test


A couple of years ago I wrote some posts on Ventis (Ventis solar energy and Ventis Fresh Air) and have now decided to take the next step and install it in my own house. So this is it, the rubber hitting the road. Over the next couple of weeks I will be collecting data on […]