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Temperature Affects how you Sleep

Many studies have been carried out looking for a relationship between body temperature and sleep. Most studies show that within 2 hours before the longest sleep periods, your body temperature has a significant drop. How do we promote sleep? With the all these studies’ results many sleep doctors recommend: Taking a hot bath between 90 […]

Cooling of Fruit in Cartons Takes Time

Experiments have been done using temperature loggers to find out what the temperature is doing. One of our customers picks and transports fruit across Australia. They pick fruit in the morning, place the fruit in cartons then palletise it and place it into cool rooms. The pallets were stacked as 12 cartons to the row […]

Animal Body Temperature

Australia is a hot place. It can also get cold. And so Australia has a number of animals so well adapted for this harsh environment. They also have a habit of being nasty, vicious little beasts but that’s Australia. But then we go out and bring back sheep. And pigs. And the list goes on. […]

Car Colour – Does it Matter?

In my last blog I discussed the impact of brick colour on heat. But what about car colours? What about all of those black or dark blue cars? Are they environmental disasters? I remember reading an article years ago (if anyone knows the source please pass it on) about how the colour of a car […]

Brick Colour – Does it Matter?

At this stage I am not going to weigh in as an expert. In my previous blog I commented on my children’s science experiments that clearly demonstrated that the brick colour can have a huge impact on the heat absorbed by the bricks. I grew up in Wagga Wagga in a brick veneer house. In […]

Brick Color’s Heat Absorption: Science Experiment

The next science experiment my children did (see previous experiment) was to test the heat absorbing quality of bricks. Paper is thin and doesn’t have a large thermal mass – but bricks are thick and heavy. Would a dark brick be different compared with a light brick. The experiment involved little towers of half a […]

Science experiment 1: Heat absorption depending upon colour

Over the last couple of years my children have been involved with numerous science experiments. Since I sell temperature loggers, they have reaped the benefits of having access to many sample units. So the first son did a simple colour experiment where he placed a Thermocron temperature logger between sheets of coloured paper and hung […]