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Australia is a hot place. It can also get cold.

And so Australia has a number of animals so well adapted for this harsh environment. They also have a habit of being nasty, vicious little beasts but that’s Australia.

But then we go out and bring back sheep. And pigs. And the list goes on.

Over the last two years we have had a number of scientists approach us for small, environmentally rugged temperature loggers that can be attached to animals or left in harsh environments. The Thermocron temperature logger is ideal. It is about the size of a coin and is made of stainless steel. But this isn’t a sales pitch (well, maybe just a slight one).

It’s about what is possible.

They are putting loggers under sheep because the radiated heat back up from the ground in many places is huge.

They are putting them throughout various structures because absorbed heat and radiated heat from different building materials is very noticeable.

And the odd one is that small animals tend to be close to the ground (funny that) and the temperature is very different close to the ground then up a bit higher.

And then there is humidity.

So hopefully things will improve for animals as we give more consideration to the heat stress they encounter.