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Over the last couple of years my children have been involved with numerous science experiments. Since I sell temperature loggers, they have reaped the benefits of having access to many sample units.

So the first son did a simple colour experiment where he placed a Thermocron temperature logger between sheets of coloured paper and hung them on the clothes line for a couple of weeks. The results were to be expected, but surprising in how extreme they were.

It was the middle of winter so the days never got warmer than 24°C (this is Australia, and that’s what we call winter).

The white paper made it to 28°. So just being in direct sunlight will make you warmer than the ambient temperature.

The really dark paper, however, made it all the way to 38°. So dark material absorbs more light and consequently more heat. And by more, it looks like a lot more.

So no wonder our cricketers wear white. And in the middle of winter a dark coat will work wonders. That is, assuming you have sunlight.