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Ecoroq: Eco-Friendly Solutions

Is it possible to modify a fridge in such as way as to make food stay fresher longer and decrease the power consumption? Ecoroq claim it is. Yesterday at the Lunch! tradeshow I spoke to one of their reps to find out how. The product basically absorbs moisture and ethylene. By absorbing moisture, there are […]

Cooling of Fruit in Cartons Takes Time

Experiments have been done using temperature loggers to find out what the temperature is doing. One of our customers picks and transports fruit across Australia. They pick fruit in the morning, place the fruit in cartons then palletise it and place it into cool rooms. The pallets were stacked as 12 cartons to the row […]

Temperature of Frozen Foods – Part 2

Part of the discussion at the IFSQN web site recently was on measuring the temperature of frozen items that may have been compromised. Following is my reply: I will run through some assumptions and my reasoning on this issue. I sell temperature loggers so most of my “research” is listening to others. You are talking […]

Temperature of Frozen Foods – Part 1

Following is a link to the IFSQN website for a discussion on measuring the temperature of frozen foods. The discussion also migrated onto using IR guns and the issues involved with them. The IFSQN web site is a great resource for anyone involved with food safety.

Key Food Temperatures

There are a number of temperatures that play a key role within the food industry. The obvious ones are 0° and 100°. After all, the drinks need ice and the tea has to be hot. 22 to 24° is the ideal room temperature. 5° and 60° have been specified within the Australian & New Zealand […]