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Is it possible to modify a fridge in such as way as to make food stay fresher longer and decrease the power consumption? Ecoroq claim it is.

Yesterday at the Lunch! tradeshow I spoke to one of their reps to find out how. The product basically absorbs moisture and ethylene.

By absorbing moisture, there are a number of immediate benefits:

– decreases the amount of energy required to cool the air. A simple analogy would be to imagine the moisture in a bottle in  the fridge. The more water in the bottle, the more energy required to cool it down. By reducing the amount of water in the air, you are reducing the amount of water in the fridge.

– decrease the need for the defrost cycle because there is less water to freeze on the cooling plates

The absorbing of ethylene is a bit more technical to understand. Ethylene is a natural gas produced by ripening fruit. So fruit produces a large amount (e.g. bananas) while others may produce very little. At the same time, the presence of ethylene can speed up the ripening process and once again some fruit is incredibly sensitive to ethylene while other produce is far less sensitive. The point is, in every fridge there are products creating ethylene which then causes other products to ripen faster which can then in turn produce more ethylene, which then causes … etc.

So by absorbing ethylene the cycle is broken, or at least greatly reduced. This then signficantly increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

If you have a restaurant or cafe with a very rapid turnover of goods, the benefits won’t be noticeable. But if you have stock sitting there for a couple of days, you will notice the difference.

So the product seems like a great winner to me. It will keep your produce fresher longer, AND save you money on the power bill.

So I was waiting for the expensive price but was amazed to find it was quite affordable. For more information check out