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With the sudden interest in CO2 loggers thanks to a story in the Hills Shire Times and on 2UE, we are giving advanced notice of a new product that we will be releasing later this month – a desktop CO2 display with logger, and the best news is that it will be less than $250.

We currently sell the KeepAlert desktop monitor which displays the CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, date and time. It costs less than $200 and is ideal for meeting rooms, offices, and can even be used in vehicles. It is mains (DC) powered and not battery operated, so it does require a power source.

But the same unit has now been upgraded to include the option for data logging. So not only will you know what the CO2, temperature and humidity is right now, but you will have historical data.

If you are complaining about the air-quality then this is the ideal proof.

If you are an air-conditioner technician and want to prove the air-quality is now good (or if you want to check) then this is the ideal tool.

We have a shipment arriving this week and we expect it to sell out quickly. So ask about the new KeepAlert CO2 loggers now.