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Glitterbug LotionThis is just a quick blog to clear up some misunderstandings about how glitterbug works.

The Glitterbug Lotion and Powder glows under UV light. To stress the point, it is the lotion or powder that glows.

When you rub the Glitterbug Lotion into your hands and shine a UV light on it, it is the Glitterbug Lotion that is glowing. When you wash your hands and they don’t glow any more (because you did a wonderful job), it is because you have washed the Glitterbug Lotion out. If your hands do glow in places (because you didn’t do a wonderful job) then it is because there is some Glitterbug Lotion left behind.


To destroy the misunderstandings:

1. It is NOT a magical product that makes germs glow.

2. It can’t tell if there are germs on your hands or not.

3. It is not able to tell if your hands are clean or dirty. That would require being able to identify germs.

So what is it good for?

Simple, it pretends to be the germs. By rubbing in the Glitterbug Lotion you are pretending that your hands are dirty. Then it is a test to see how good you really are at washing the dirt and germs away. Since you can’t see the Glitterbug Lotion under normal light, the only way to get rid of it all is to correctly wash your hands.

With a UV torch you will then quickly identify those areas that are missed or hard to clean. The typical places missed include:

– the webbing between fingers

– under the fingernails

– under rings

– around the wrists

– in cuts and wrinkles

So how Glitterbug works isn’t magic, but it is effective.