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You store your food at the right temperature. But can you prove it?

The Onsolution Food Safety Logger is simple and easy. This Food Safety Logger will automatically record it for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while you are not there it records the temperature

At the end of the week simply download the log each week and retain it in your computer, or print out the graph as your evidence that everything is fine. The downloaded log will give a snap shot of the temperature at each allotted time. You do not have to chase your food safety supervisor to ensure that the temperature is written down every 20 minutes on each storage area.

Throw that pen and paper away; get the OnSolution Food Safety Logger.

If you would like a demonstration call OnSolution on 02 9614 6417 Visit our website to order your Food Safety Logger, or ring 0296146417 to discuss your requirements with one of our support team.